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Teaching Staff

S. No. Name Designation QUALIFICATION
1 Ms. Vinita Sanan  Principal M.A,B.ED
2 Ms. Anu Sambyal PGT M.SC, B.ED, M.ED
3 Mr. Anil PGT M.Sc, B.ED
4 Ms. Gagandeep PGT M.A. FINE ARTS
5 Ms. Kavita PGT B.A. VISHARAD
6 Mr. Lalit Tiwari PGT M.SC, B.ED
7 Ms. Leena Chopra PGT M.COM, B.ED
8 Ms. Nita  PGT M.A., NTT , B.ED
9 Ms. Purnima Pathodhiya PGT M.A., B.ED
10 Ms. Rajwinder Kaur PGT M.A, B.ED
11 Ms. Rekha Sharma PGT M.A., B.ED
12 Ms. Renu Chauhan PGT M.SC, B.ED
13 Ms. Rupinder Maudgill PGT M.A., B.PED
14 Ms. Samiti Rattan PGT M.A, B.ED
15 Ms. Sheena Aggarwal PGT M.COM, B.ED
16 Mr. Vikas Kumar PGT B.PED, M.PED
17 Ms. Meenakshi (A)  PGT M.COM, B.ED
18 Ms. Archana PGT M.A, PH.D, B.ED
19 Ms. Charu TGT M.A, B.ED
20 Mr. Dheeraj TGT B.SC, M.TECH, B.ED
21 Ms. Gurmeet Kaur TGT M.A., B.ED
22 Ms. Jasbir TGT M.A., B.ED
23 Ms. Kiran Bala TGT M.A., B.ED
24 Ms. Kumari Sonia  TGT M.COM, B.ED
25 Ms. Loveleen TGT B.SC, B.ED
26 Ms. Nidhi TGT M.A., B.ED
27 Ms. Nisha Thakur TGT M.A. , B.ED
28 Ms. Neeta TGT B.A., B.ED
29 Ms. Punam  TGT M.A., B.ED
30 Ms. Ranjita Makhija TGT M.SC, B.ED
31 Ms. Sandeep Kaur TGT M.SC I.T.
32 Ms. Sarita Goel TGT M.SC , B.ED
33 Ms. Sarika Verma TGT B.COM, B.ED, PGDCA
34 Ms. Srishty TGT M.COM, B.ED
35 Ms. Taranpreet TGT M.SC, B.ED
36 Ms. Vandana Sharma TGT M.A., B.ED
37 Mr. Vinod TGT B.A., B.ED
38 Ms. Amarjeet Kaur PRT M.A., B.ED, NTT
39 Ms. Anita  PRT M.A., MUSIC
40 Ms .Geeta PRT B.A., NTT , B.ED
41 Ms. Harcharan Kaur PRT M.A. , B.ED
42 Ms. Inderdeep Kaur PRT M.A., B.ED
43 Ms. Iqbal PRT M.A., B.ED, M.ED
44 Ms. Jyoti PRT M.COM, B.ED
45 Ms. Kamalpreet PRT M.A., B.ED
46 Ms. Komal PRT B.SC, B.ED
47 Ms. Kranti Kanwar PRT M.A., B.ED
48 Ms. Mamta  PRT M.COM 
49 Ms. Manisha Mehta PRT M.A., B.ED
50 Ms. Mandeep Kaur PRT B.A., B.ED
51 Ms. Mandeep Kaur Bedi PRT M.A., B.ED
52 Ms. Manpreet Kaur PRT B.A., B.ED
54 Ms. Manvinder Kaur PRT M.COM, B.ED
55 Ms. Meenu PRT M.COM, B.ED
56 Ms. Mini Kapoor PRT M.A., B.ED
57 Ms. Mini Luthra PRT B.SC, B.ED
58 Ms. Munisha  PRT M.A., B.SC, B.ED
59 Ms. Namrata PRT B.A. , B.ED
60 Ms. Prabhjot PRT M.C.A.
61 Ms. Rekha Thakur PRT M.COM, B.ED
62 Ms. Renu PRT B.A., B.ED
63 Ms. Reyman PRT M.A., B.ED
64 Ms. Rosy PRT M.A., NTT , B.ED
65 MS. Rupinder Kaur PRT B.A., NTT, PGDCA
66 Ms. Samriti Jain PRT M.A., B.ED
67 Ms. Satwinder Kaur PRT B.COM, B.ED
68 Ms. Shiba Tondon PRT M.SC, B.ED
69 Ms. Sita Devi PRT M.A., B.ED
70 Ms. Simran PRT M.A., B.ED
71 Ms. Twinkle (B) PRT M.A., B.ED
72 Ms. Uma Devgun PRT B.SC, B.ED
73 Ms. Ishita Goel PRT B.TECH , M.BA
74 Ms. Ruchika PRT M.TECH (CSC)
76 Ms. Nancy Vasdev PRT B.A., NTT, DIPLOMA IN DANCE
77 Mr. Vijay Thakkar (Cassio) PRT DIPLOMA IN VOCAL CLASSIC
79 Ms. Amita NTT B.A., NTT
80 Ms. Anju NTT B.A., NTT
81 Ms. Harjeet Kaur NTT B.A., NTT
82 Ms. Hema Puri NTT B.A., NTT
83 Ms. Kudrat NTT B.A., NTT
84 Ms. Poonam  NTT B.A., NTT
85 Ms. Purnima NTT B.A., NTT , M.A.
86 Ms. Rajni Narula NTT B.A., NTT  
87 Ms. Renu Gogna NTT B.A., NTT
88 Ms. Seema Malhotra NTT B.A., NTT
89 Ms. Shelly K. NTT M.A., NTT
90 Ms. Tamandeep  NTT M.A., NTT
91 Ms. Twinkle (A) NTT B.A., NTT 
92 Mr. Gurmangat PTI B.A., B.PED
93 Mr. Sanjay Kumar Pathak PTI B.PED, M.PED
95 Ms. Jyoti  OTHERS B.A.
96 Ms. Shipra OTHERS M.COM ,NTT
97 Ms. Josephine (Nurse) OTHERS DIPLOMA IN NURSING
98 Ms. Neha Sharma (Recp.) OTHERS B.A.
99 Ms. Kiran Sharma  OTHERS MBA
100 Ms. Monika Talwar OTHERS B.COM 
101 Mr. Gaurav OTHERS B.COM
102 Ms. Monika Bajaj OTHERS B.COM
103 Ms. Samreet OTHERS M.COM, MBA, PGDCA

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Circular No. : 92 For P.Nsy TO VIII Dated : 05.02.2019 Dear Parents 1.There will be a Parent Teacher Meeting on 9th Feb. 2019 (Saturday) between 9:00 a.m. & 11:00 a.m. to give the Date Sheet of the Annual Examination, 2019. The students will have a holiday. 2. You are requested to deposit monthly fee of your ward for the month of February & March before 10th Feb.2019. PRINCIPAL

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